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School is a real drag

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Oct. 9th, 2012 | 09:18 pm

So fucking frustrated right now.  Don't think my stress levels could possibly be any higher.  Trying to sit down and write an essay I got a one day extension on and it has been a rough ride.  I am grasping for words, thought patterns, evidence or even just explanations that are just not there.  I had gotten started on the essay and had a solid opening paragraph that summarized the short story I'm writing about, but I was still unsure of my thesis or the direction I was going to take with it.  Then I knock over a glass of sweet tea that was sitting on my mousepad and some gets in my PC.  Fk.  Spend 20 minutes cleaning it yo off the floor and fanning out my PC.  It boots then it freezes.  Well my impatient ass tries to ctl+alt+delete and the bitch freezes.  So I go to power it off and I hit the fuckig standby.  Now the shit won't come out of standby.  So lost that portion of the paper.  Have now restarted the paper deciding to focus on the development of the main character and the flow is still akward and thoughts are disjointed and words are a struggle.  This sucks.  I am going to spend tomorrow dropping several classes.  15 hours OP.

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