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Return from China

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Oct. 8th, 2012 | 08:40 pm
mood: sick
music: Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine

So I'm sick again.  Mike and I were both constipated the entire trip in China despite drinking plenty of fluids (mostly water) on the plane and bringing our own meal, avoiding plane food entirely.  I am throughly convinced now that it is the Chinese diet.  Mostly the absence of whole grains in the diet.  the only fiber is provided from vegetables and fruit which are mediocre sources of fiber because they are mostly water and you must eat about 1 cup of cooked vegetable to equal the  same amount of fiber that 1/2 cup oatmeal provides.  Typical breakfast on China consisted of a bowl of congee, basically empty carbs with no fiber.  Fluids were in the form of soup or tea.  Water is also served hot in 90 degree weather!  This is thought to cool your body down by causing you to sweat.  This is untrue!  Sweating will dehydrate you.  Your body is losing liquids not replenishing them.  Cold drinks cool core body temperature.  In addition tea is a diuretic which causes frequent urination... also dehydrating you.  Now it makes sense why the bathrooms in China smell so foul, because everyone is probably dehydrated.  News flash yellow and brown colored urine is not normal!  Anyways, even after drinking water any time I could get my hands on the holy grail my urine was still consistently yellow and sometimes almost brown and smelled foul.  Since we have arrived home on Friday we have been jetlagged sleeping at odd hours mostly in the afternoon, had no energy to do homework etc, and Mike and I have had diarrhea for going on 3 days now.  Just got some proto bismol and hoping for some relief.  Brittany has called me a few times while we were sleeping in the day, and I need to return her calls but I have had no motivation to do anything.  I haven't unpacked can barely muster the energy to feed the cats or do our laundry and feel physically drained when I exert myself.  Hope this will soon pass.

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