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Gimme Sympathy

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Sep. 2nd, 2012 | 10:21 am
mood: thoughtful thoughtful
music: Wishing on the Same Star - Namie Amuro

Finally on the road to recovery, but I haven't quite shaken this cold completely yet. 
Barely got a wink of sleep last night.  It felt as if I were drifting between concious and unconcious.  I was asleep but completely aware of that fact.  I had difficulty falling asleep as well.  My head was swirling with thoughta and feelings that I wanted to get out.  But  I just continued to lay there and only think them.  I suppose it didn't aid the situation too terribly much that I could distinctly hear Mike's dad's roaring snore drifting into our room from across the hallway.
I spent some extra time in my English class reading and reflecting on the impact of poetry.  It makes me want to write again.  But I realize the things I wrote long ago were amateur.  But I imagine myself evolving.  In actuallity my pen will probably never hit the paper.  These times of determination motivation and inspiration are always fleeting.  For my health class I had to take this personality quiz that matched me with career paths that are fulfilling for my personality type.  To my dismay computer science (or any sciences) did not make the list.  I'll post the results later when I bring them back up.  Just lying in bed for now hoping some manner of sound sleep will pay a visit.  Wondering what this week has in store.  It's been a while since I've spent such a concetrated amount of time with Mike's parents.

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