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Two More Months and A New Year

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Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 01:40 pm
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A lot has happened in two months... I can't possibly remember everything.

I struggled a lot with trying to stay with Olive Garden. After becoming sick with a pretty nasty and persistent cold, I tried calling in at Olive Garden on Sunday. And yes, I called two hours in advance - to no ado. Kind of irritating... since we have lived here... I've called in twice, and both times they told me I was required to be there - sick or not. And then when I show up, they say, "We'll get you out of here as fast as we can" like they're doing me a favor. Ugh. I also struggled with trying to keep my mouth shut. Kristin came back from maternity leave with a really bad, rude attitude. I finally finished my training at Carrabba's, and started working there at night, 5 days a weeek. Olive Garden in the morning, 6 days a week. After about a week of that, I just stopped showing up at Olive Garden. It was too exhausting, especially considering I couldn't get over the cold, because... well... I was working so much. I thought about asking Olive Garden to change my availability, but... yeah. I had asked about 10 times before to change my availability so I could work some night shifts and actually make money, and they would always refuse. So... I just thought fuck them. They already got a two weeks notice from me, and they just kept putting me on the schedule. I wasn't going to write another one and stick out another two weeks.

I am pairing up with Brandy and Brad to go to a Dir en Grey concert in a month. :DD

Ooooh Ooooh! And end of the year Asian drama reviews! Yayyy! I'm going to put these in the order of best drama to worst of 2006.

01. Love Story in Harvard (10 of 10 stars)
This drama really truly and honestly blew me away from beginning to end. I wasn't a Kim
Rae Won fan until I saw this drama. No drama I have seen has compared to this, PERIOD. I
highly recommend this drama. There wasn't a single part in this drama that disappointed
me. I really just can't praise this drama enough.

02. My Lovely Sam Soon (10 of 10 stars)
My very first K-drama, and so fucking funny. Loved it. And I could watch it again and
again. Hope to share this with a friend one day.

03. Full House (10 of 10 stars)
I meet Bi for the first time. I love the relationship between the two main characters in
this. Though the story is very similar to My Lovely Sam Soon, the relationship is quite
different. Bi does a better job of pertraying the split personality of this character.
There are moments when you see such a soft side of him... and then he puts up his front.

04. Let's Go to School, Sang Doo (9 of 10 stars)
If it weren't for the ending this would be my second favorite series. I thought the ending
just blew. But don't let that turn you off from this series. I'm a big fan of Bi's acting
and this series is HALARIOUS.

05. Nobuta Wo Produce (9 out of 10 stars)
The moral of this story is what puts it so high on ths list. The plot is a little shaky.
Making a scary girl popular? Sounds kind of lame, but this drama took me by surprise.
Kon kon.

06. Flowers for Algernon (9 of 10 stars)
I loved this book, and this series... really got me emotional. I find it harder to really
understand Japanese series though. I think the culture and mannerisms are a little more
foreign and different than American culture and traditions. I think if I knew more about
Japan I could understand this better, nonetheless... the transformation the main character
makes is awesome. I recommend the book and the series. Both are great.

07. Taiyou no Kisetsu (9 of 10 stars)
OMG, I really hated the first few episodes of this. I really did. I thought the series
was so weird, and it was going to really suck. But... man, this series was really
fascinating. Adrienne recommended it to me, and I wish she would finish it herself. She
would love it.

08. A Love To Kill (8 of 10 stars)
Get the soundtrack, it gets 10 of 10 stars. The music for this series blew me away. I
really liked the plot for the most part. The ending was lame though. And Bi's brother
jumps off the roof of his own house thinking a billboard (that has always been there) is
real? Uhm.... yeah... that part of the plot is really shaky, and they could have done
better than that. Unless they want to explain that his brother became a drug addict when
Eun Seouk broke his heart, and he was tripping on something when he fell off the building.

09. Anego (8 of 10 stars)
My very first series. And I really really fell in love with the main character (not Jin
Akanashi either :P). I truly felt the lonliness she felt. Again, the ending was a big
let down though. So it only gets 8 stars.

10. Densha Otoko (8 of 10 stars)
Very funny drama, but still... but I don't really relate to it as well as others.
Entertaining, nonetheless.

11. Moto Kare (8 of 10 stars)
This series is worth seeing just to watch Domoto Tsuyoshi.

12. Stand Up! (7 of 10 stars)
Probably partly due to bad subs, this series was still entertaining enough to finish. But
really, how much can you do with a series about 4 high school guys trying to lose their
virginity? This kind of plot doesn't really interest me in the first place. I watched it
for YamaPi.

13. Attic Cat (7 of 10 stars)
I'm a Kim Rae Won fan, but... I think this series was lacking. Maybe the love/hate
relationship was just a bit more irritating. Actually, Kim Rae Won's infatuation with
the pretty, rich girl was what was irritating. You never really see him make a sacrifice
for the main character.

Currently watching All In. And can't bring myself to finish What Star Did You Come From (starring Kim Rae Won).

The end of last year also got me in touch with some old friends. I've been talking to Brittany and Brandy pretty consistently. And that makes me happy... because... I felt for a long time that I had really lost all the friends I had. Brittany talked about visiting sometime this year. That would be really cool. Now if only I could lure Nikki here.... >:/ Hmmm...

That's about it for 2006. Maybe in another two - three months I'll make another update. XB

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